Where Does My Help Come From?

From where shall my help come?
My help comes from the Lord
Psalm 121:1,2 (NASB)

This time of year, there are new medical insurance “surprises,” as next year’s benefits and fees are announced.  How expensive will the plans be?  How much will it cost?  Will I lose my doctors?  Is there any hope for the system to change?

If you have an affordable care act plan, will there be a doctor whom you can see?  How long will the wait be for an appointment?

Even if you have a “Cadillac plan,” are a union member, or a congressman or the President of the United States and have the best care coverage, will your doctor be the best doctor?  Will the doctor do the right thing?   Will there be terrible side effects?  Will the treatments work?

You get the point.  Illness, medical or psychiatric, is a consequence of the fall.  The ruler of this world has his dominion.  Medical science has come far, but there are many ways for the darkness to have its way on earth.  Medicine is far from perfect, and some say the system is broken. Our vulnerabilities are many, and opportunities for our decline and limitations begin in the womb.  Our lives are challenged daily with spiritually meaningful health events.

If your hope is in systems of medical care, community or governmental programs, there will always be a way to “fall through the cracks.”  These “cracks” in man-made systems seem more like chasms lately.

This is why a life of faith provides a different source of help, as God is the god of hope, healing and recovery.  His purpose is mercy, grace and restoration. He glories in creating new life out of illness, suffering and devastation.  He is in control of the outcome.  If He chooses, He restores health even through the lowest level of health insurance, the longest of appointment wait times, and despite the doctor.  He is the Great Physician, and He is the ultimate help.

Steward your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit.   Be healthy, avoid unhealthy habits and care for your body.  If illness befalls, get the best care you can, follow directions and be responsible for your treatment.  But also know where your help comes from.

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