Integrating mental health and Christian spiritual growth

As a psychiatrist and Christ-follower, I believe that misunderstood emotions and unseen medical illnesses of the brain can cause distortions and misdirection in interpreting the workings of the Holy Spirit. This prevents clarity in seeing, hearing and feeling God and the Spirit’s working in our lives. It enhances spiritual darkness.

As God at times chooses to heal, appropriate treatment and healing with psychiatric care can be helpful, sometimes ineffective, but at other times can be miraculous. Often, the phenomenon of healing and restoration dissolves the divide between theology and psychiatry, spirituality and brain science.

These convictions are borne out of a career practicing psychiatry with various adult and adolescent treatments; caring for those with mental illnesses, addictions, relational and character dysfunctions, while seeking truth in Christian thought, medicine, and the Word in the different dark nights of the soul.

Sharing these experiences, this website:

  • Promotes a wisdom model unique to those of the Christian faith
  • This model disentangles the Word, the Spirit and the field of mental health
  • Creates a space for more light for our spiritual growth
  • Appropriates all truth as God’s truth

…to help see God less darkly.


This site is written by Dr. Tom Okamoto, MD, a psychiatrist, in active private practice, with over 30 years of experience in multiple practice settings, including inpatient, outpatient, and dual diagnosis treatments, in research and academic roles. He serves the general public as well as the Christian community as a treatment and consulting resource to counselors, pastors and missionaries. He is a member of the voluntary teaching staff at the University of California at Irvine’s Psychiatry Residency Program as an Assistant Clinical Professor. He has lectured to audiences across the U.S. and internationally, including physicians, mental health professionals, pastors, missionaries and the general public on professional and spiritual topics. He is married with three children.